1Pc Carpets Are Back!

17 Jan 2020 0 Comment(s) General Carpets, 1pc carpets, moulded carpets, replacement carpets, holden commodore,

After listening to our customers, 1Pc oringial carpets have been hard to find in good conditon, with people paying thousands of dollars just to keep the vehicle looking original.

We have worked with Yarn and tufting suppliers to bring back 1.8 mtr wide automotive carpet in Loop and Plush pile, with 14 different colours available in our standard range. Even VB Commodore in Carmine & VK Commodore in Cerulean made it back (epecially since we use to make them as Original Equipment (OE) for the HDT broc's).

Tru-Fit Carpets have now made new moulds that are a perfect fit for a large range of vehicles like Holden Commodore & Ford Falcon, which is constantly growing.

This makes it a great fit, easier to fit and no more need for unsightly joins poking out from under the front seat.

This has also changed our range for large vehicles like Nissan Patrols and Toyota Land cruisers that we used to have to make in 3pcs, now we can do them in two (front and rear).  

Also our boot and cargo mats are now made with no joins, these too are made using this wider carpet, making them look like a factory.

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