Hot Deals on 1pc Carpets

06 Feb 2020 0 Comment(s) General moulded carpets, replacement carpets, holden commodore, holden, commodore, hqholden, hjholden, hxholden, hzholden, wbholden, statesman, ehholden, ejholden,

In January 2020, Tru-Fit Carpets brought back into production our 1pc and 2 pc moulded Carpets.

The Tru-Fit name has been around since 1978 and is the oldest manufacturer of Replacement Moulded Carpets in Australia.

Our team here at Tru-Fit Carpets have decades of experience in the fitment of moulded replacement carpets, so our team are passionate about providing you with great quality flooring.

Our moulds are taken and tested from genuine vehicle floor pans to provide a quality fit guaranteed, crafted by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

Being the only company in Australia manufacturing 1pc moulded carpets, we’re currently offering a Discount on our 1pc range, so jump in while prices are hot!

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