Category Name : Resomat Premium

Resomat Premium Sound Deadener

Make your car as quiet as any prestige vehicle


Resomat - Reduce the resonance.

  • Controls car panel noise with  resonance reduction, anti drum and aluminium heat reflection layers for superior insulation, with improved comfort and audio performance with advanced German engineered acoustic materials.
  • Unlike similar looking sound deadners, RESOMAT PREMIUM is not bitumen or butyl based, which can have offensive odours and loose performance quickly as it heats up. Also over time they can harden, resulting in further performance loss.
  • Industrial grade self adhesive for easy DIY Fitment.
  • Unlike butyl based products, RESOMAT PREMIUM can easily be removed when required. This may be necessary when a vehicle needs repairs or modifications, ie body panel repairs or window glass or regulator.
  • Super flexible and easily moulded to the floor & panel shapes.
  • As used by  AUDI, BMW, Mercedes and many others... Indeed this product was specified in the USA presidential motorcade and the Queen's vehicles.
  • NO Smell, unlike bitumens, and many other underlays there is no odor from the Resomat.
  • At around 2 mm thick & 3kg/m2,  Resomat is both thicker and more effective than the opposition and at a better price.
  • Fully approved by the EU for fitment to motor vehicles, totally safe for vehicle interior use, allergy free!
  • To Order, please give us a call  on 1800 335 896